EscapeKit is a state of the art Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery system.

Out of the box

Continuous Delivery with Guarantees

Use Cases

Modelling complex delivery pipelines Speed up delivery time and reduce human error by automating all the way to production. Using EscapeKit you can easily express the order in which builds, deployment jobs and operations happen, and when these actions should take place.

Replicating environments Manage the risk of releasing faulty software by making sure staging looks like production. Manage the cost of testing environments by spinning then up and down on demand or on a schedule.

Melding Development and Operations Perfectly fit for DevOps style organisational change. "Operations" are a first class citizen in EscapeKit, whilst fine-grained access controls stop the interns from deleting production.

The easiest way to run Escape Fully compatible with the Open Source version of Escape. Build and deploy your releases in the cloud and for the cloud.


EscapeKit integrates easily with popular version control, container and chat systems.

A powerful REST API allows for bespoke integrations.


How we be


Ensure that every code change goes through an automated version, build, test and package phase. Reuse build patterns.


Deploy with guarantees. Identify potential issues and errors before they can cause an impact. Environment-aware out of the box. Reuse deployment patterns.


Operational tasks are part of the release and travel through the environments with the application they belong to.


Chain builds, deployments and operational tasks together into powerful pipelines. Automatically deploy a change to production in a controlled way.


Try new things. Decouple applications from their infrastructure and middleware.


Infrastructure as code and automation is amazing, but who can see and do what? Fine-grained control over who gets to do what in which environments. Extensive audit logs.

EscapeKit vs X

EscapeKit is the first CI/CD system that is completely built around the idea of a release.

EscapeKit vs. Jenkins
EscapeKit vs. CircleCI/Travis/Gitlab/Bitbucket Pipelines
EscapeKit vs. Github Actions


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